The DOTCOM Waste project

DOTCOM Waste project

The DOTCOM Waste project ran from January 2016 to December 2017 and sought to increase the capabilities of law enforcement agencies, customs and port authorities, environmental agencies and prosecutors to fight cross-border waste crime more cost-effectively.

Participant partners to DOTCOM Waste included: UNU-SCYCLE (project leader); CBRA, C&R, TECOMS, PENAF, BCRC-China, Basel Convention Coordinated Center for the African region, Prosecutor Office of Bari (associate partner).Version 0.1 of the Shipment of Waste Toolkit covered the following modules and related materials:

Introduction; Overview of the legislative landscape; Waste classification and problematic waste streams; Illegal shipments and their return; Intelligence-led investigations; Inspection and detection; Next generation compliance; Investigation; Enforcement and prosecution of illegal waste shipments; Sentencing; and Interagency collaboration & international networking.

The second version of the Toolkit was developed under the WasteForce project.

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