EWAS 2009
Locations: Eindhoven (NL) + Davos (CH)
7th- 16th September 2009

NVMP – StEP E-waste Summer School 2009

The first NVMP – StEP E-waste Summer School took place from 7th – 16th September 2009. The aim of the summer school was to bring together young e-waste researchers from around the world, looking at solving the e-waste from different disciplinary perspectives

Among the main objectives of the summer school were to link the researchers to experts from industry, academia and policy makers and also to develop a sustainable, multidisciplinary network of young scholars who will function as multipliers in their respective academic and geographic areas.

The summer school started in Eindhoven, Netherlands and culminated at R’09 Congress in Davos, Switzerland where the students of the summer school conducted a workshop for delegates of the R’09 Congress on “E-waste in Developing Countries”.

The 17 participants were a highly motivated, diverse and truly international group, between them representing 17 countries of origin, study or research. During the summer school, they looked at a wide variety of issues ranging from policy, technology and economics to the social challenges of reducing e-waste.



Ab Stevels

Sustainability Dept. Design Engineering, School of Industrial Design, Delft University of Technology

Presentations, Research Publications and Project Acquisitions

Reid Lifset

School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University

Industrial Economy and Extended Producer Responsibility

Tobias Luger


Life Cycle Management

Rolf Widmer & Mathias Schleup


Programmatic Approaches

Jaco Huisman & Federico Magalini


WEEE Recast – The Role of Environmental Research

Otmar Deubzer


Standards for EoL-Operations on e- waste: Principles, Necessities and Developments

Ruediger Kuehr


StEP Initiative

Mark Dempsey


WEEE Recast – The Role of Environmental Research

Study Tours

Study tours during the summer school were to the following companies, where the participants also had lectures by industry experts:

Company Name


Expert Name

Peter van der Linden

Area of Expertise

Refurbish­ment and re-use

Company Name

SIMS Recycling

Expert Name

Johan Zwart

Area of Expertise

E-waste dismantling, decontami­nation and segregation

Company Name


Expert Name

Thierry Van Kerckhoven

Area of Expertise

Precious metal smelting


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