EWAM 2014
San Salvador, El Salvador
31th March to 5th April 2014



The 2014 EWAM took place from 31st March to April 4th in El Salvador, hosted by SICA and the Basel Convention Regional Centre El Salvador. EWAM 2014 had a regional focus on Latin America with selected participants from Africa.

Each day comprised expert presentations about a daily topic and group work. Topics included the global perspective of e-waste and a holistic perspective in system design, understanding the reverse supply chain of e-waste and its complexities, developing a successful business model for financing an e-waste recycling business and take-back system as well as international markets and shipments, standards and their enforcement.

During the group work, participants were assigned to work out an e-waste solution for selected countries, based on the daily lectures and assignments.


Stephanie Adrian

Environmental Protection Agency, USA
Stephanie Adrian is the senior international electronic waste policy advisor in the Office of International and Tribal Affairs (OITA) at the United States Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC. She has worked on international issues since 1999 and is a lead on global policy issues related to international electronic waste and the Basel Convention. She has an undergraduate degree in biology from the University of...

Jeremy Gregory

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Jeremy Gregory is a research scientist in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He studies the economic and environmental implications of engineering and system design decisions, particularly in the area of materials production and recovery systems. Research topics include product and firm environmental footprinting, manufacturing and life cycle cost analysis, and characterization of sustainable material systems. Jeremy has...

Mathias Schluep

World Resources Forum, Switzerland
Mathias Schluep received his MSc in Environmental Engineering and his PhD in natural sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland (ETH). He is currently a programme manager and senior scientist at the Technology and Society Lab at Empa in Switzerland, a research institution belonging to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) domain. He is leading Empa's research related to e-waste...

Johanna Rosales

Vertmonde, Ecuador
Jhoanna Rosales is an environmental engineer with a specialization in solid waste management. From the very first year of her career she got involved with this field been Technical Manager of the waste transfer station and Landfill of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. This experience helped her to know the complications of solid waste and proper technologies to treat it. In late 2009 she decided...

Jürgen Meinl

City Waste Recycling, Ghana
City Waste Recycling, Ghana Is an Environmental Engineer with an experience of over 30 years in developing countries. He is the CEO of City Waste Group (CWG) in Accra / Ghana, which is a leading recycling company in the Region of West Africa. CWG recycles Plastic Waste (City Waste Management), Saw Dust (Coppon Wood), collects and exports Lead – Acid Batteries in collaboration with Johnson Controls International (JCI) and...

Malcom Whitehouse

Desco, South Africa
Malcolm obtained an Advanced Diploma in Road Freight Management, Certificates in Refrigeration Technician 1 & 2, and an Advanced Diploma in Ministry, Bible Studies. As National Sales Manager for Desco, a leading, accredited specialist e-waste recycler in RSA, he is tasked with the Strategic development for Desco in terms of collections, awareness creation and procurement of new business. Stimulation and development of sustainable job creation...

Philip Bohr

Industria Fox, Brazil
Philipp is the founder and CEO of Fox & Earth Industries AG and its Brazilian subsidiaries Indústria Fox, Movimentação Fox, and Materiais Fox. The group of companies runs an electronics take-back system in Brazil and works with innovative business models that connect recycling with carbon credit based financing mechanisms. Philipp has received his education from RWTH Aachen, TU Berlin, and MIT, and holds a master’s...

Chris Slijkhuis

Chris Slijkhuis is Dutch, studied horticulture and holds a Master of Business Administration (University of Antwerp Belgium). He has been Director of Supply Chain Management at Flextronics between 2000 and 2005, where amongst many other things he has been working at a strategy for this contract manufacturer to become active in the field of E-Waste and implementation of the WEEE Directive and RoHS requirements. He..

Michiel Van Der Voort

Umicore, Brazil
Michiel Van der Voort studied Economics at the HUB in Brussels and has over 7 years of working experience, of which 2 years for Umicore Brazil where he is currently in charge of the Business Development for the Spanish region of South America. He started working with Umicore PMR (Precious Metals Refining) as a candidate for the Prince Albert Fund, which is a governmental organization..

Giorgio Arienti

Ecodom, Italy
Mechanical Engineering graduate in 1985 (Polytechnic of Milan). Working experiences in Vestro (mail order company), Swisslog (material handling systems), DHL (express delivery), VitaGo (health & beauty e-commerce), Sisal (digital gaming) and Webank (banking and trading internet services). General Manager at Ecodom, the largest Italian take-back system (70.000 tons of WEEE treated in 2013, i.e. 30 % of the total amount of WEEE in Italy), since...

Edgar Fernando Erazo Camacho

Eco-Computo, Latin-America

Cinthia Gates

Dell / E-waste Solutions Alliance for Africa

Laura Cornejo

Asegire, Costa Rica
Ms. Cornejo holds an Industrial Engineering degree and a Master´s in Sustainable International Development. Ms. Cornejo is been working on environmental issues since 2002, with special interest on waste management in developing countries. Since 2007, Ms. Cornejo constituted the first collective compliance scheme for WEEE Management in Latin America: ASEGIRE. As Today, ASEGIRE has 31 members: all manufacturers, importers and distributors of electric and electronic...

Klaus Willke

Asegire, Costa Rica
Klaus Willke holds an advanced degree (Dipl. Ing.) in process engineering and is a certified expert for waste management. Until 2011 he served as senior public officer for waste management with the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment Hamburg (BSU). His responsibilities included the notification procedure and the enforcement of the European Waste Shipments Regulation. Previously he has worked with the German Voluntary Service in..

Libby Chaplin

Arcadian Solutions, USA
Ms Chaplin holds a degree in Environmental Science and has more than 20 years experience in sustainability program development and management system design and deployment. Over the past six years, Ms Chaplin has specialised in responsible management of electronics and e-waste. During this time Ms Chaplin has worked with companies in internationally to implement responsible e-waste management systems. She has contributed extensively to the e-Stewards..


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