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Course: How to prevent e-waste?

The unsustainable nature of generation and disposal of e-waste in a globalized world causes serious concerns for resource efficiency, human health and environmental impact. The loss of certain scarce resources can even impact future production chains and therefore technological innovation as we are missing appropriate substitutes.

In addressing this issue UNITAR developed a self-paced course in English of 2 hours with a final certification.

Why take this course?

Can you imagine a world without e-waste? What will it look like? How do we achieve it? This course aims to inspire, as much as educate. It dares learners to co-create a better tomorrow through individual and joint action.

More specifically, by the end of the course learners will be able to:
  • Discuss what electronic waste is and the diverse impacts it has
  • Describe the role individuals, companies, and authorities play in reducing e-waste
  • Identify ways for consumers to support circularity, including by influencing industry players and lawmakers
  • Highlight individual and community actions to tackle and prevent e-waste.

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